Peter Rawsthorne

Peter Rawsthorne

Peter Rawsthorne

Chief Technology Officer, Bluedrop Learning Networks


A 30-year career history as a Technology Professional working in large enterprise environments, a variety of start-ups, and as College and University Faculty. Peter’s professional experience includes considerable time in senior technology and management consulting roles and in managing technology teams and projects to exemplary results.

Accomplished IT Professional in a variety of senior positions such as Chief Technology Officer, Director of IT, Enterprise and Solutions Architect, Team Lead, Senior Project Manager, Database Administrator and Business Analyst, including over 10 years as a successful independent software development consultant and co-founder. A well-deserved reputation for seeing the big picture with a superior understanding of enterprise computing and related security and information privacy issues. Expertise identifying, performing business analysis upon and presenting technology solutions to senior management. Talent for leading technical teams to achieve on time within budget implementations. As a consultant he has worked on many open and international projects with a client list including; Mozilla Foundation, UNESCO, WikiEducator, Continuing Legal Education of BC, and the Commonwealth of Learning. Peter’s professional passion is to work at the intersection of technology and education.

Peter has also spent considerable time as an educator with extensive experience developing and delivering technology curriculum to post-secondary students. Proven career history in developing online and international educational initiatives with a strong utilization of emerging technologies and pedagogical approaches. A well-deserved reputation for teaching on the leading edge of technology using the hands-on experience to enrich and deepen students understanding.

Peter’s interest in NATI is in contributing to the long-term prosperity that a vibrant technology sector can bring to the Newfoundland and Labrador economy. He believes that a comprehensive technology education is part of the foundation for a diverse and resilient provincial economy.

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