Ajay Pande

Ajay Pande

Ajay Pande

Marketing Director at Nokia

Past Chair

Ajay Pande has 17 years of telecommunications experience, with the last three years focused on Customer Experience Management (CEM). As Director of Business Strategy & Development for the Nokia Mobile CEM portfolio, Ajay’s responsibilities include driving the mobile strategy, expanding the division’s mobile market share by entering new markets, and identifying and filling portfolio gaps through organic growth and industry acquisitions.

Since joining Nokia (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) in 2001, Ajay has held various roles spanning engineering, marketing, and business development and has held offices in both Canada and Belgium. Serving as vice-chair for the Broadband Services Forum has allowed him to develop as a global leader within the telecom industry. Ajay is currently the Board Chair for NATI (Newfoundland Association of Technology Industries).

His passion is business strategy and applying it to new start up technologies. Ajay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Business Administration from Memorial University of Newfoundland. He holds a patent for, “Multicasting High- definition Content to Consumer Storage”. Ajay is currently enrolled Harvard Business Publishing LEAD program at Nokia.

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Ajay Pande
Ajay Pande Past Chair
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