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Request for EOI

Friday, August 23, 2019

For Lease of Office Space - Leading to Potential Future Innovation Space                     

Closing Date:  June 11, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. NST

The Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries (NATI) along with partner organizations that include the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Assocation (NEIA), the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association (NAIA), and several others, have an interest for office space in St. John's or the greater metro area, Newfoundland and Labrador, and is seeking Expressions of Interest ("EOI") from landlords.  NATI will consider existing buildings, and the general requirements include:

  • Space that can comfortably accomodate 30 people, with the ability to expand over 12-18 months to accomodate up to 50 people;
  • Combination of individual office and modular workstation set-up - ideally offices for up to 12-15 people, and cubicle space for the remainder;
  • Open concept and open space areas that allow for information gatherings and small groups;
  • One large meeting room that can seat 25 people (e.g. 20x34 feet); two rooms that can seat up to 10-15 people; and three to four small meeting rooms or meeting areas that can seat 4-8 people;
  • Cafe style kitchenette/refreshment area;
  • Storage space for files and other office supplies;
  • Initial requirement estimated at a minimum of 10,000 square feet, with ability to grow to 15,000-20,000 square feet over 12-18 months to accomodate other partner organizations.

We request that EOI submissions address the following criteria:

  • Location (broad St. John's/Mount Pearl area - within 15KM radius of downtown St. John's)
  • Lease term of 2-3 years with option to extend
  • Commencement date of lease term
  • Building character, quality, and accessibility
  • Rental terms and conditions
  • Parking
  • Building amenities
  • Although immediate need is for the short-medium term as the partners are looking for shared workspace for now, the intention is that we explore a larger innovation centre space in the future, so the potential for significant expansion in this space would be an advantage (though not a requirement).

Parties intending to submit a response to this EOI should indicate their interest by delivery of their written response in electronic PDF or other suitable electronic format no later than 4:00p.m. NST on Monday, June 11, 2019, to the attention of Paul Preston, NATI,