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NATI partners with the St. John’s Board of Trade St. John’s Connector Program

Friday, September 21, 2018

Making the human connection in St. John's.

The award winning Connector Program is a simple, yet highly effective networking program that helps local businesses and organizations connect with immigrants, international students and graduates who are interested in starting and growing their career in St. John's.

Through one-on-one meetings, local business and community leaders known as Connectors meet with talent interested in opportunities in St. John's. The Connector gains access to a wealth of diverse, pre-qualified talent and Connectees gain insight into their professional network, and connect with career opportunities.

Interested in Connecting? To learn more about the St. John's Connector Program and how it can improve your professional network or put you in contact with those searching for a career in the province, click here or get in touch with Brendan at the St. John's Board of Trade, or call 726-2961, ext. 116.