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NATI Knowledge Summit

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

NATI Knowledge Summit
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Sheraton Hotel, St. John's

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Knowledge Summit 2014

NATI's Knowledge Summit returns!

NATI's annual Industry Conference brings together the leaders of the local advanced technology sector. At the Knowledge Summit the key players and decision makers of the provinces technology community gather to learn from experts and share ideas.

Innovation is what drives the technology sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. It's the key ingredient to success in the competitive global market.Igniting Innovationis what NATI's Knowledge Summit is all about. Come learn how to use innovative technologies to achieve your corporate goals. Hear how investing in new technology and innovative skills can drive your company to new heights and give you that competitive edge. Our expert speakers will engage, inform and inspire you with insightful talks on how you can achieve your business goals by harnessing innovation.

Learn. Be inspired. IGNITE.



Amber MacAmber MacArthur

Amber MacArthur talks about relentless adaptation and the accelerating pace of corporate culture in the digital economy. At the forefront of the digital revolution, she helps companies adapt to, anticipate, and capitalize on lightning-quick changes - from leadership to social media marketing to customer service and beyond. 

Amber MacArthur is a consultant, TV host, and bestselling author. Since working as a strategist at Razorfish-San Francisco in the late 1990's, she has chronicled and enabled the growth of social media as a force for improving business and community. "With few equals," writes YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, "Amber continues to demonstrate a keen insight towards the continually evolving fabric of the social web."

Amber owns and runs a small business, Konnekt, which has developed digital strategies for Tony Robbins, Canada Goose, and many others. She writes about digital productivity and is a web TV host for Fast Company; appears as a weekly technology expert on The Marilyn Denis Show; pens a monthly column on mobile for Today's Parent; hosts CTV's weekly hit show App Central about the latest in mobile innovation; and is the co-host of new retail-focused web series The Future In Store. She also appears regularly as a tech expert on BNN, CTV News Channel, ABC, CNN, and Fox News. Amber Mac's first book, Power Friending, an accessible and comprehensive guide for utilizing social media to spark business growth, was a national bestseller.

As the Miami Herald has written, pinpointing her work in personal branding, Amber "demonstrates a deep and practical understanding of the necessity of extending one's personal and professional presence online." A pioneer in the online space, she has spearheaded two award-winning podcasts: The Social Hour on the popular TWiT network, and Both shows, which reach approximately 100,000 people weekly, have been featured in Wired.

Dan Martell Dan Martell

Dan Martell's (quick) entrepreneurial story

Dan Martell has been an entrepreneur most of his life - having started at 18 - failing twice (Maritime Vacation, NBHost) - before finally figuring it out. When he was 24 he bootstrapped Spheric Technologies, a social enterprise consulting and applications company. The company grew by 150%+ each year, raked in many business awards, employing 30+ before he sold it in May of 2008.

After that, Dan took some time off, but eventually decided to move to San Francisco. After a few months, he co-founded Flowtown, a social marketing application, which raised venture funding and eventually got acquired by (NASDAQ:INTU) in 2011.

In January of 2012 Dan started Clarity, a platform that helps entrepreneurs find, schedule and pay for great advice over the phone to grow their business. They have raised $1.6M in funding from some amazing investors and are currently growing 30% each month.


Dan Martell started angel investing when he was 26 due to his ADHD and passion for entrepreneurship. He has since made 23 investments in companies located both in Canada and the US. Companies like GetAround, Udemy, Intercom, Unbounce, Manpacks, Foursum and many others. His investing style is very personal, and it’s all about the people. Dan never invests for pure financial reasons - it always has to do with a great team + product that he sees himself using and shared values & work ethics.

Dan is also a formal advisor to Hootsuite and equity advisor to LocalMind (Acquired by Airbnb), Massive Damage, Quidiq, Happy Stuff via Year One Labs.

Doug StephensDouglas Stephens

Douglas Stephens is one of the most influential retail futurists on the planet. His talks are required listening for any company that orbits the retail world. In fully customized and thoroughly researched keynotes, Stephens shows you how to stay ahead of the changing mega-trends in demographics, economics, and technology that are resetting your industry and, what it takes to be truly innovative.

The founder of Retail Prophet, Doug Stephens is one of the world's foremost retail and consumer futurists. His research and insights have helped major organizations such as Air Miles, Home Depot, Disney, and Intel understand exactly how mega-trends in demographics, economics, technology, and media are forever altering consumer/brand relationships. And, what they need to do to adapt, evolve, and innovate. Drawing on his 20 years of experience, Stephens analyzes media trends, financial climates, demographic shifts, emerging technologies, and everything in between to provide an unrivalled insight into consumer trends.

Too often, companies make the mistake of reacting purely to what's going on right now, instead of understanding what's going to happen. Douglas Stephens gives his audiences a clear view of what's on the horizon. Stephens' thinking has influenced many of North America's best-known retailers and brands including Target, WestJet, Crayola, and Microsoft. Prior to founding Retail Prophet, Stephens spent 20 years in retail, holding senior international roles, including the leadership of one of New York City's most iconic retail chains. He is a regular guest expert on CTV's acclaimed tech television serues App Central, co-host of new retail-focused web series The Future In Store, and a regular retail business contributor to CBC Radio.

Randy Cass Randy Cass

Randy Cass has run a hedge fund and built a software company that changed the way information is shared throughout the entire financial services industry. He managed billions of dollars of investments and traded currency derivatives at one of the largest banks in Canada. He's raised millions of dollars in venture capital money and also won the award for Best Use of Technology in the Financial Services space ... In fact, if its been part of the financial world during the last two decades, Randy Cass has probably been at the center of it and has an opinion about it.

Now he's sharing his opinions as host of BNN's Market Sense, the only show that gathers industry professionals on a daily basis to discuss the issues that matter most during the fastest half hour of business on TV. With over 15 years' experience in the investment industry, Cass takes a no holds barred approach attacking the issues of the day for businesses and the markets.

Driven by his desire make the financial services industry more transparent for the end investor, Cass gives us insight into the ways we consume, analyze and report on information at levels never before seen. He encourages us to look for the 2.0's, and other 'accidental experts' to stay ahead of the curve.

Cass was also named National and North American University Debating Champion and one of the top ten public speakers in the world, achievements for which he received a commendation from the Prime Minister of Canada.

Cass began his career as a Derivatives Trader at TD Securities and then moved to managing portfolios at the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board. In addition to his experience in the institutional investment industry, he is also an attorney, having earned his law degree from the University of Toronto and being called to the bar as a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Cass is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and sits on the board of directors of the Toronto CFA Society.

David ChalkDavid Chalk

Named a 'Leader of the Next Millennium' by Equity Magazine, Dr. David Chalk continues to utilize his successes to inspire others to catapult their lives to a higher level of motivation and accomplishment.

Born with severe acute dyslexia, the inability to recognize faces, and being told repeatedly throughout his childhood he would never amount to anything, David grew and sold his first million-dollar business by the age of 23. A one of a kind on many fronts, David is entirely self-taught and has created more than 20 companies in the fields of technology, education, construction, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and retail.

A knowledgeable and award-winning marketing and sales expert, David has been asked to lecture at many leading institutions including Stamford and Harvard Universities. He has also used his bold and unconventional business management and leadership skills to help recover businesses on the brink of bankruptcy and skyrocket companies to record-breaking sales.

A pioneer in the technology industry, having created Doppler Computers and Chalk Media Inc., David has managed teams of 500 sales personnel and has coached sales teams in over 50 of North America's largest companies including SunLife, Research in Motion (RIM), Best Buy, Staples, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Sony, and Samsung.

Among his many accolades, David has received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Technology from the University of Fraser Valley, a YEO Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Yahoo Award for Design Innovation, Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur Award, Retail Councils Top Marketer Award, Top 100 Companies to Work For Award, and the BM Retail Award for Excellence in Managing.

Today, David is recognized as a leading expert in business and technology for his use of innovative strategies to revolutionize businesses and organizations. David exemplifies strong leadership, motivation, dedication, and persistence in everything he does and he continues to speak to educational institutions, organizations and leading businesses on effective leadership, how to define success, manage constant change and embrace the power of disadvantage.

Tom Cooper Tom Cooper

Dr. Tom Cooper is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration, Memorial University. His research interests include business in remote areas, risk management and strategic planning.

Tom has spoken at international, national and local conferences on the subjects of risks as well as innovation. Aside from a number of research awards, he was the recipient of Memorial University's President's Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2013.

Tom's research approach is focused on a collaborative, participatory research approach that aims to make a difference in the organizations, communities and people. He also teaches the MBA consulting course where projects have been delivered on technology and innovation.

Tom sits on the Board of a number of organizations including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Atlantic Chapter of the Certified Management Consultants and Startup Newfoundland and Labrador. He is also an advisory and consultant to many organizations including technology firms. He is a Certified Management Consultant.

Prior to taking his position at Memorial, Tom was a Senior Manager in PwC's Consulting practice in London, United Kingdom for seven years. He holds a Ph.D. in Business from the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, United Kingdom as well as a Bachelor of Commerce from Memorial University.