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NATI-ACOA 2017- 2018 Commercialization Officer & Directed Research Program Call for Applications

Friday, August 17, 2018

The Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries (NATI) invites eligible companies to submit applications to participate in the Commercialization Officer Internship and Directed Research Program (COIDRP).

Through this cost shared program, NATI will contribute up to 75% of the intern's salary and benefits, while the NL company will supplement the remaining 25%, up to a maximum gross salary of $40,000 per annum. Companies benefit from enhanced commercialization and directed research resources, and experience the services of a post­ secondary graduate for a period of 12 months.

Participating companies should be actively engaged in the commercialization of advanced technologies in the oceans, biotechnology, ICT and similar information related sectors. This internship program is intended to support technology commercialization training and experience for individuals with an appropriate background in business, engineering, science and/or other equivalencies.

The purpose of COIDRP is three-fold:

  1. To provide practical, hands-on work experience for new post-secondary graduates in the areas of R & D and product commercialization, as well as experience in trade and export activities designed to support commercialization;
  2. To enable the participating companies to develop their  capabilities through the provision of in-house R & D and commercialization advisory services; 
  3. To increase the commercialization of products and services for NL-based companies



The participating companies must be actively engaged in the commercialization of ocean, bio and information-related technologies. The companies must have the experience and resources to provide an appropriate training environment and designate one person within the company who will be the primary supervisor for the intern. Startups, early stage and more established firms are all encouraged to apply.

The intern will:

1)      Have completed an educational curriculum or courses acceptable to NATI and the participating firms in the areas of science, engineering, technology and/or business and;

2)      Participate in the development of a commercialization or directed research and development strategy and action plan with the NL company;

3)      Undertake market and/or sector research;

4)      Identify and follow-up on potential and qualified leads;

5)      Identify potential for new products; or

6)      Suggest changes to the product offering to meet market demands, etc.; and

7)      Formally communicate progress reports to NATI and the company.

The participating firms will:

1)      Engage a graduate for a period of 1 year, providing them with employment opportunities in the commercialization of a product or service;

2)      Allow interns to apply their learning in a proper and appropriate business environment;

3)      Contribute 25% towards the graduate's salary and benefits;

4)      Contribute 25% towards applicable training opportunities;

5)      Equip the intern with the necessary resources;

6)      Formally communicate monitoring results to NATI.

Click here for the Commercialization Officer Internship and Directed Research Program  Company Application.

Please note that selection is competitive and placements are limited. For more information, please contact:

Natasha Hudson Business Development Executive, NATI
t:  709.757.3253
f:  709.757.6284